Psionic Organizations

Often mistaken for reclusive orders of diviners, enchanters, or other arcane spellcasters, psionic organizations are uncommon in Faerûn. Most of those described here are secretive (or at least circumspect) and small.

The Kaliesh'erai

Based in the elven city of Evereska, the Kaliesh'erai is a loose association of elves who have a measure of psionic ability. Because many of them have been honing their mental powers for centuries, the Hall of the Kaliesh'erai is one of the greatest stores of psionic knowledge in all of Faerûn, and it is almost certainly the greatest center of such lore beyond the reach of the mind flayers.

Many members of the Kaliesh'erai spend their time in serene contemplation of their gifts, but a faction within the group has become fascinated with psionic items. As a result, the members of the Kaliesh'erai are so keen to acquire more such items that they will happily buy them or trade for them with any visitors to Evereska. A subbasement in the hail of the Kaliesh'erai contains many laboratories and vaults that hold psionic items ranging from simple power stones to great psicrowns and crystal capacitors. Some say it also holds prison cells where the Kaliesh'erai keep monsters with psionic powers for study.

Campaign Hooks: You can adapt any of the following hooks to draw the characters into contact with the Kaliesh'erai.

Stray Thoughts

Led by Jacenelle Traen (a 16th-level female human Wilder), the Stray Thoughts is a Sembia-based adventuring company with about two score members, all of whom have at least some psionic power. The members of the Stray Thoughts call a seemingly rundown manor on the outskirts of Selgaunt home, but three-quarters of them are off on missions at any given time.

The membership of the Stray Thoughts tends to be rather stable because replacement members are so difficult to come by. Members of the group get access to the Selgaunt manor, which is actually an effective stronghold warded by an array of psionic traps but disguised to look decrepit. Jacenelle herself is there about half the time, organizing groups to take on jobs ranging from caravan guard to private investigator (often of merchant activities and court intrigues). She's generally willing to manifest her powers on the behalf of Stray Thoughts members.

Jacenelle is keen to expand the Stray Thoughts, especially beyond the boundaries of Sembia. Becoming a member of the organization is as simple as excelling during a probationary mission assigned by Jacenelle. She always instructs a senior member of the group to monitor probationary members surreptitiously, paying close attention to their professionalism.

Campaign Hooks: You can adapt any of the following hooks to draw the characters into contact with the Stray Thoughts.


This group of duergar soulknife/assassins is among the more feared organizations in the Underdark. The members of the Forak-Erach-Naek ("Empty-Scabbard Killers" in an obscure Dwarven dialect) are assassins for hire willing to work for any patron who can meet their price in gold.

The location of Forak-Erach-Naek's headquarters is a closely guarded secret, but would-be employers know that the Cave of Twelve Teeth, on the shores of the Darklake near the duergar metropolis of Gracklstugh, is the place to hire a Forak-Erach-Naek assassin.

Campaign Hooks: The most obvious way to introduce the Forak-Erach-Nack into your campaign is to use one of its members as an antagonist. You can adapt any of the following hooks to draw the characters into contact with the Forak-Erach-Nack.

The College Of The Eclipse

Headquartered in the Tethyrian metropolis, of Riatavin, this society is dedicated to the advancement of psionic abilities. The College of the Eclipse operates openly from its fortresslike headquarters. Most Tethyrians believe that it's just another esoteric order of arcane spellcasters, and its members encourage that misconception. The college administers entrance exams designed to identify psionic aptitude to anyone who requests entrance, and it offers inexpensive basic training in the Art. More advanced students can also rent living quarters and access to the college's laboratories and libraries.

A graduate of the basic course is equivalent to a 1st- or 2nd-level psion and is called a fellow. Almost all fellows of the college work in government or the skilled trades. Graduates often find work as oracles, sages, or advisors to government officials or trading companies. Almost all are psions, although at least two of the college's instructors are wilders.

The seven regents of the college (all high-level psions) are making increasing efforts to keep tabs on the colleges' fellows. They're concerned about the public perception of psionics, and they don't want wayward psions making life more difficult for students of the Art.

Campaign Hooks: You can adapt any of the following hooks to draw the characters into contact with the College of the Eclipse.

The Hall Of Mental Splendor

Beneath Waterdeep, in the sinister town of Skullport, stands a small keep known as the Hall of Mental Splendor, which is home to a group of psionic spies-for-hire. Run by Vhondryl (a 14th-level female human psion), the Hall of Mental Splendor provides "discreet espionage services" for many of the factions vying for power in the city above. Vhdndryl is aggressively trying to get more jobs from clients outside Waterdeep because she realizes that each job creates a potential enemy, and she'd rather not have her enemies living right above her.

Many of the higher-level agents of the Hall of Mental Splendor are cognition thieves. Until about a month ago, Vhondryl kept a number of doppelgangers in her employ. But after a heated dispute over a mission gone badly, all of them walked out together. Since then, Vhondryl has been actively seeking agents who have access to polymorph or other shapechanging magic, or even superlative Disguise skills.

Campaign Hooks: You can adapt any of the following hooks to draw the characters into contact with the Hall of Mental Splendor.

Church of Sardior

Many have heard the tales of legendary dragons such as Tiamat and Bahamut, but few have heard of Sardior. Also known as Master of the Gem Dragons, Sardior is a unique ruby dragon. He makes his home in a huge floating castle, which orbits the world and stays forever in the shadows from the sun. Even though he is the Master of the Gem Dragons, in reality he does not require much from them, and he does not try to guide their decisions. The gem dragons in return, look upon him as the ideal and strive to be more like him.

Having ascended to the status of a lesser deity, temples to Sardior have begun showing up in cities across the land. Sardior is more than happy to oblige them by granting spells and special abilities to his followers. Sardior's clergy tend to be welcomed everywhere much as bards are, however they know not everyone is as friendly as they seem. A small group of his clergy, known as the ruby disciples, train to be a martial arm of the church, serving not only as a defense but also as a show of force.

The church of Sardior is a growing force among the humanoid population. Two factors have caused this phenomenon: the increasing number of psionic beings in existence and the desire of Sardior to have more followers. While this growth could spark the ire of other gods, so far it has not due to the uncertain feelings the gods have toward psionics. The gods of magic are wary of psionics, but the two fields of study seem to counter each other, so none of the gods have decided to act yet.

The Legend of Sardior

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