The Doomguard

Members of the Doomguard believe that the multiverse is slowly falling apart, and they delight an its inevitable destruction. They are often nicknamed "sinkers." The ultimate leaders are the doomlords, who gain great powers of entropy and destruction.

The Doomguard boasts four large citadels on the Inner Planes, with a 10th-level doomlord residing in each one. Doomguard visitors receive hospitality, but non-Doomguard interlopers find themselves unwelcome. In a particularly earthy and dusty part of the Elemental Plane of Air, one finds Citadel Alluvius, a mighty tower that long ago fell on its side. The original ceilings and floors are now the walls, and the curving walls now serve as concave floors and convex ceilings. The stone staircases are useless, running sideways through the tower.

On the Elemental Plane of Fire, the Crumbling Citadel slowly turns into ruin.

The Citadel Sealt is a large, echoing vault excavated in a section of the Elemental Plane of Earth composed of crystallized salt.

Surrounded on all sides by the nothingness of the Negative Energy Plane, the Citadel Exhalus drifts through the void.

Lore Of The Doomguard

Song of Dissolution: A singular sound can sometimes be heard here and there, if briefly, among the many planes. When a mirror shatters, the note might be discerned. When a wall collapses, the ringing of the tone is somewhat stronger. When a city burns, the notes form a chord. And when a continent sinks beneath the waves, the song of dissolution plays out loud and strong - for those with the ears trained to hear.

This mythical melody is something all Doomguard are eager to hear. Some theorize that should the tones ever be correctly recorded and formulated, a faction member with that song ringing in her body would have unparalleled power - his every utterance a curse, his every sword-stroke a killing blow, and his very presence, anathema.

Citadel Amulets: It is well known that the Doomguard long ago acquired potent magic items collectively known as the Citadel Amulets. There are four types: the Amulet of Citadel Sealt, the Charm of Citadel Exhalus, the Talisman of Citadel Alliwius, and the Amulet of the Crumbling Citadel. Each of these relics is said to grant the possessor instant passage from anywhere in the multiverse to the doorstep of the specified citadel, along with perfect protection against any adverse conditions that might exist on that citadel's plane. The Citadel Amulets are long missing, but all Doomguard would dearly love to find and possess these relics of the organization.

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