The Xaositects

The multiverse is chaos. Neither order nor pattern can be recognized. But chaos has a beauty and wonder all its own. By immersing oneself in anarchy, one learns to appreciate randomness. By studying the quandaries of nature, one learns that the sublime intricacies of disorder are the very foundations of existence.

That's all well and good, but it's not much fun. Xaositects (kay-OH-si-tekts) want to play with disorder and race along on the crest of chaotic energy that is the multiverse. Xaositects promote chaos in all its forms. Members of this faction interpret all physical phenomena as if they were engendered by a physical force: Chaos, with a capital C.

Limbo is thick with Xaositects. But they don't maintain a citadel, don't get much involved in local politics, and don't seem to work toward any particular end. Apparently, they come to the swirling plane simply to revel in the eternal newness of chaos.

The true masters of chaos among the Xaositects are the chaoticians. How does an organization without organization have elite members? It's really just a matter of advancing one's understanding and appreciation for pure chaos to the next level. One problem: These aesthetes of anarchy didn't bother to name themselves. They simply called themselves Xaositects, just like any other member of the faction. Maybe they didn't care enough to come up with a new name, or maybe they just enjoyed the confusion caused by the situation. Somewhere along the way, though, someone started calling these elite characters chaoticians, and they liked the name enough to keep it. Sometimes, they even remember to use it.

Lore Of The Xaositects

Theory of the Strange: The Xaositects believe that underpinning all existence is a sea of chaos. Though the cosmos is too complex for chaos to be recognized with the naked eye, certain techniques and mindsets practiced by the Xaositects - mindsets that often cause others to dismiss them as insane - allow faction members to comprehend the world in all its complexity as a set of simplified abstractions, where similarity and attraction are the only rules of existence. By concentrating on these points of abstraction, a Xaositect can see underlying trends and sometimes even make predictions that others cannot hope to emulate. Moment by moment, a Xaositect seeks to live more fully according to the Theory of the Strange.

Blade of the Attractor: All groups have their relics, and among those revered by the Xaositects, the Blade of the Attractor is high on the list. The Blade of the Attractor is said to cut reality to the bone, revealing the hidden cycles that dictate each moment, and at the same time disrupting those cycles - that which the blade marks is never the same again. In most cases, this is accomplished easily enough by separating life from the living, but the blade also can serve a philosopher by disrupting the machinations of politicians, the flow direction of streams, and weather patterns across entire continents.

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